Full Member application process

1) Letter of interest and intent

Please answer each of the following questions: Why do you want to be a member of IPSA? How much actual experience do you have as a surrogate partner? (number of cases, number of therapists, over how many years?). With what kinds of clients do you work? With which types of clients are you most successful? Do you always work in conjunction with a therapist? What other work and educational experiences have contributed to your skills as a professional surrogate partner?

2) Complete description of your training:

Where, when and by whom were you trained? If you were not trained by IPSA, please provide a complete description of your training— include a detailed outline and description of the content of your training; the dates of your training; the names and phone numbers or addresses of your trainer(s). Please describe the length of your training (number of hours over how many days, etc.), the nature of the training in detail, and include a copy of any certificates of completion, evaluation or other form of proof of you training. IPSA trainees must list the dates of their training and internships, and the names of all their trainers and mentors. The IPSA Training Coordinator will communicate with the Membership Committee regarding IPSA  trainee’s completion of training and internship.

3) Personal Evolution Essay

A description of your personal growth/evolution in the areas of sexuality and relationships that addresses the following questions: How did you become a person who could handle the emotional challenges of surrogate partner therapy? What is your family and cultural background? What life experiences in your early years, adolescence and adult shaped you, changed you, and informed you about yourself? How did/do your relationships begin and end? What is your sexual orientation? What does intimacy mean to you, and how do you currently incorporate physical and emotional intimacy in your life?

We understand that we are asking for very personal information.  The membership committee wishes to assure applicants, that all personal information is handled respectfully and confidentially.

4) Two letters of recommendation

Send two original letters of recommendation from two professionals who are familiar with your work as a surrogate partner. These letters may be submitted by you, or sent directly to IPSA.

After all materials have been received, the Membership Committee will review your completed application and will contact you if they need further information from you. The membership chairperson will then submit a summary of your application and recommendation for action to the current IPSA Board of Directors.