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Supervising Surrogate Partner Therapy

Properly done, Surrogate Partner Therapy is a highly effective treatment method for people who have sexual difficulties but do not have a partner to go through treatment with them. Learn about Surrogate Partner Therapy, and your role as a supervising therapist through this one-hour presentation given at the annual meeting of the American Association of […]

Shai Rotem — Ethics Complaints

An Open Letter To Shai Rotem from IPSA Shai Rotem, You have been accused of unethical conduct by multiple clients and therapists. Four separate complaints have been filed against you and corroborated by all the therapists and clients involved. The allegations in those complaints are serious and compelling, and it is additionally concerning that you […]


Surrogate Partners: Intimate Profiles

Inform yourself, your students, and your clients, Surrogate Partner Therapy — what it is and what it is not. For a limited time only, IPSA will send you an educational documentary about Surrogate Partner Therapy for the cost of the envelop and postage. Featuring footage of surrogates and clients activities that form the core of […]

Main Questions

Online Course for Therapists

Zur Institute to offer an Online Course   To Refer Or Not to Refer  – Surrogate Partner Therapy The Renewed Interest and Rekindled Debate Regarding Surrogate Partner Therapy     Table Of Contents  The Renewed Interest & Rekindled Debate What is Surrogate Partner Therapy? Main Questions and Considerations Main Questions Important Considerations Legal Considerations Ethics […]


Male surrogate’s passion for intimacy – SFGate

Male surrogate’s passion for intimacy – SFGate. “many female clients have trust issues because of bad experiences they’ve had in the past. Trauma or abuse. So it’s really important to create an environment of safety and acceptance.” Read more:

This is the body God crafted for you

  THE SESSIONS: Made in the Image of God | Dr. Mitchell Tepper | YourTango.

Sex surrogate, sex therapist, or swindler?

Sex Therapists are all talk. Surrogate Partners are talk and touch.

Actor John Hawkes as poet Mark O'brien

Notes for reviewers and moderators of The Sessions

Although Mark O’Brien’s courageous life, touching poems and essays provide the voice and sweet heart of this film, “The Sessions” is NOT a documentary. Many aspects of the film do not accurately represent surrogate partner therapy, then or now.


Sex Surrogacy Gets Hollywood Treatment With ‘The Sessions’

Sex Surrogacy Gets Hollywood Treatment With ‘The Sessions’ by Lizzie Crocker of Newsweek/