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Jungle of the Heart by Lynda Smith Hoggan

From Lynda Smith Hoggan’s Jungle of the Heart, in which a surrogate partner reflects on one of her cases: …   I sit next to you as your therapist explains our course: you’ll meet with both of us each day, though separately; you and I will each tell him of what occurred, and then he’ll help plot the […]

Shai Rotem — Ethics Complaints

An Open Letter To Shai Rotem from IPSA Shai Rotem, You have been accused of unethical conduct by multiple clients and therapists. Four separate complaints have been filed against you and corroborated by all the therapists and clients involved. The allegations in those complaints are serious and compelling, and it is additionally concerning that you […]

new male sexuality

Male Sexuality Revisited

Male Sexuality Revisited   The New Male Sexuality is a wonderful, useful book about the male experience of sexuality. In the first section, author Bernie Zilbergeld (1939-2002) identified common myths and misinformation about male sexuality that produce negative effects on male sexual comfort and confident. In a later section several chapters devoted to treating the most common areas […]

What Are Sexual Surrogate Partners? | Kinsey Confidential

What Are Sexual Surrogate Partners? | Kinsey Confidential.

Sex surrogate, sex therapist, or swindler?

Sex Therapists are all talk. Surrogate Partners are talk and touch.

Actor John Hawkes as poet Mark O'brien

Notes for reviewers and moderators of The Sessions

Although Mark O’Brien’s courageous life, touching poems and essays provide the voice and sweet heart of this film, “The Sessions” is NOT a documentary. Many aspects of the film do not accurately represent surrogate partner therapy, then or now.

In the Circle of Surrogates

IPSA Conference for Surrogate Partners Only September 29-30, 2012 — Southern California Write to IPSA for application to attend.

From the International Encyclopedia of Sexuality

Surrogates in the News « IPSA

Surrogates in the News « IPSA.