Male Sexuality Revisited

Male Sexuality Revisited

new male sexuality


The New Male Sexuality is a wonderful, useful book about the male experience of sexuality. In the first section, author Bernie Zilbergeld (1939-2002) identified common myths and misinformation about male sexuality that produce negative effects on male sexual comfort and confident. In a later section several chapters devoted to treating the most common areas of male sexual concern (rapid ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, desire problems, delayed or inhibited orgasm.  In these chapters readers are give a coherent sequence of interventions that men and their partners can use to resolve the specific sexual difficulty.

And for the men who have sexual difficulties but do not have sexual partners? Zilbergeld recommends Surrogate Partners Therapy (SPT), which he considered extremely effective.

“For men who have any sex problem — shyness, lack of experience, lack of interest, erection, rapid ejaculation or inability to ejaculate with a partner — and don’t have a regular sex partner and aren’t likely to get one until the problem is resolved, the most effective … treatment is what is called Surrogate Therapy”


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