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Shai Rotem — Ethics Complaints

An Open Letter To Shai Rotem from IPSA

Shai Rotem,

You have been accused of unethical conduct by multiple clients and therapists. Four separate complaints have been filed against you and corroborated by all the therapists and clients involved. The allegations in those complaints are serious and compelling, and it is additionally concerning that you have chosen to resign from the organization rather than cooperate with the Ethics Committee charged with investigating the complaints against you.

IPSA is committed to the integrity of the practice of Surrogate Partner Therapy and to the safety and well-being of all clients. As part of that commitment, we believe it is important for potential clients, in order to have informed consent, to know that there are serious concerns about your conduct.

Although you are no longer a member of IPSA, it is IPSA’s obligation to make known to the public the circumstances of your departure and that your certification has been revoked.

This notification, sent to you by email and registered mail, will also be posted on the IPSA website.