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Surrogate Partners: Intimate Profiles

Inform yourself, your students, and your clients, Surrogate Partner Therapy — what it is and what it is not. For a limited time only, IPSA will send you an educational documentary about Surrogate Partner Therapy for the cost of the envelop and postage. Featuring footage of surrogates and clients activities that form the core of Surrogate Partner Therapy, and interviews with therapists, clients and surrogates, this 23-minute documentary is available through IPSA for $3.

(Notes: This video contains some nudity.
IPSA has been granted permission to share this documentary for education purposes, Copyright restrictions demand that this video be used solely for private educational purposes, and under no circumstances may anyone redistribute or post, this documentary on the internet or show it for financial gain.)

To receive a copy, please send your address and $3 (to cover the cost of shipping) to:

IPSA Treasurer
525 Leavenworth #24
San Francisco, California 94109

Alternatively you may elect to send $3 via PayPal to treasurer@surrogatetherapy.org.
Anyone can create a free account on PayPal.com.