Surrogates in the press

Surrogates can be sexual healers
Ian Kerner (2012).

Is a surrogate partner right for me?
Mitchell Tepper (2011).Sexual

Are there really 40-year-Old virgins?
Michael Castleman (2011).

Revisiting a sex surrogacy story
Interview with Maureen and Kipper 28 years after filming of documentary “Private Practices.”
Tracy Clark-Flory (2011).

What is a sex surrogate partner?
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Where to find a sex surrogate partner.
Yvonne Fulbright. Sex and Disability.

My life as a sexual surrogate: It’s more than one big sex party.
Interview with Linda Poelzl (2010).

Surrogate Work: Hands-On therapy
Lisa Carr (2009). Carnal Nation

Surrogate Partner Work
Blog by Gillette.

What’s a sex surrogate really do?
Lauren Frishy (2009). Lemondrop and Huffington Post

Spotlight on sex surrogates 
Petra Boynton (2009). Dr. Petra Boynton

Sex therapy as a humanistic enterprise 
Leonore Tiefer (2006)
. J. Sex and Relationship Therapy

“I was a middle-aged virgin.
Michael Castleman (2004).

Sexual Healing 
Don Lipper (2003). Sacramento News and Review

The tapestry of Surrogate Partner Therapy 
Vena Blanchard (2000). San Diego Therapist

Interview with Vena Blanchard (IPSA President)
(1999). Society for Human Sexuality

Sex Surrogates
Gloria Deutsch (1997). Jerusalem Post

On Seeing a Sex Surrogate 
Mark O’Brien (1990). The Sun Magazine.

The Sexual Surrogate and its aid to sexual health
Barbara M. Roberts reprinted @

Sex Surrogates: A clarification of their functions
Raymond J Noonan (1984). Master’s Thesis,