Surrogate Partner Certification

IPSA certification is available to individuals who have completed professional surrogate partner training, have experience working as a surrogate partner, and can demonstrate that they meet IPSA standards for clinical, educational and ethical competence.  To receive  certification, applicants must submit materials that substantiate completion of  primary training and relevant continuing education, and also be able to demonstrate (through tests, external evaluations and/or interviews) that they have the knowledge base, intellectual abilities, clinical skills, and unwavering commitment to client well-being that are the hallmarks of IPSA Certified Professional Surrogate Partners.  To maintain certification, members must engage in continuing education, honor the letter and spirit of the IPSA Code of Ethics, and undergo periodic peer review.

Membership in IPSA must be maintained on an annual basis to retain IPSA certification status. If membership in IPSA lapses, certification will also lapse.


To apply for certification, send all five component of the application for certification via email to IPSA membership chairperson 
or by mail to IPSA 3679 Motor Avenue, Suite 205, Los Angeles, CA 90034

1. Personal Evolution Essay
A description of your personal evolution in the areas of sexuality and relationships.
You essay should address the following questions: What was the constellation and value system of your family of origin? What was your experience of your your early years? What life experiences have shaped you? changed you? and informed you about yourself? How have your relationships begun and ended, and how do they begin and end now? What is your sexual orientation and how do you related to the concept of gender? How do you view and experience physical and emotional intimacy?  What matter to you and who matters to you at this stage of your life? What is your current work, love and sex life?

The membership committee wishes to assure applicants that personal information is handled respectfully and confidentially.

2. Complete description of your training
Where were you trained and by whom? If you were not trained by IPSA please provide a complete description of your training—this should include an outline or detailed description of the content of your training; the dates of your training; the names and phone numbers and/or addresses of your trainers. Please describe the length of your training (number of hours each day over how many days, etc.), the nature of the training, and include a copy of any certificates of completion, evaluation or verification that you received. IPSA trainees must list the dates of their training and internships, and the names of all their trainers and mentors. The IPSA Training Coordinator will provide the membership committee with a report regarding former IPSA trainees’ completion of training and internship.

3. Letter of intent
Answer all the following questions:

— Why do you want to be a member of IPSA?

— How much actual experience do you have as a surrogate partner? (number of sessions? number of completed cases? over how many years?)

— With which types of clients do you prefer to work?

— With what types of clients are you most successful?

–What types of clients are you not comfortable assisting?

— Do you always work in conjunction with therapist?

— What other work and educational experiences have you had that contribute to your skills as a professional surrogate partner?

4. Submit a $75.00 check payable to IPSA, for your first year of membership. Dues may be paid by check, money order or PayPal payable to IPSA (Request PayPal information and/or the treasurer’s mailing address from the IPSA Treasurer.)

5. Letters of Recommendation from two professionals who are familiar with your work as a surrogate partner.

After all materials have been received, the membership committee will review your completed application and will contact you to set up an interview and/or to request additional information from you. After peer review interview(s), the membership chairperson will submit commentary and a summary of your application to the current IPSA voting members for consideration and decision.