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About IPSA

IPSA was founded in 1973 by a group of pioneering surrogate partners and therapists who were discovering and creating Surrogate Partner Therapy. They created a Code of Ethics to help define and clarify the responsibilities surrogates and of collaborating therapists. They created an excellent training program for surrogate partners and sex therapists, ran professional conference, and shared the method with other therapists. 

IPSA is now a non-profit education corporation as well as a supportive professional organization with members around the world.

  • Training surrogate partners and therapists

  • Coordinating intensive therapy for clients who do not have surrogate partners and supporting therapists in their home community 

  • Referring therapists to qualified surrogate partners 

  • Promoting research about Surrogate Partner Therapy

  • Educating the public and professional communities about Surrogate Partner Therapy 

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