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Articles about Surrogate  Partners and SPT

Jungle of the Heart
Lynda Smith Hoggan (2018)

Savage Love: The Truth About Surrogate Partner Therapy
Dan Savage (2018)

Video Interview with Surrogate Partner Andrew Heartman
Derek Hart (2018)

Surrogate Partners’ Healing Touch
Jessie O’Brien – DGO (2018)

What is surrogate partner therapy?
Moushumi Ghose (2017)

What it’s like to be a male sexual surrogate
Gareth Rubin (2017)


How sexual surrogates are helping transgender clients
Vice – Carrie Wiseman (2017)

How an Aussie solved his premature ejaculation problem in San Francisco
Shaun Thomson (2016)

Body Talk: Sexual Surrogates’ Healing Touch
Elizabeth Costello (2016), San Francisco Weekly

What I learned from a male surrogate
Rosie Garelick (2015),

“I have a regular 9-5 job”: The life of a male sex surrogate
Carrie Weisman (2015), ALTERNET

Meet the Real Sex Surrogate Portrayed by Helen Hunt in ‘The Sessions’
Lois Alter Mark (2013), Huffington Post

Real-Life Sessions: Look into the work of a Surrogate Partner
Anna Weltner (2012), New Times

Surrogate sex partner inspires story, film
Edward Guthmann (2012), SFGate

Surrogates can be sexual healers

Ian Kerner (2012).

Are There Really 40-Year-Old Virgins?
Michael Castleman (2011),

FOXSexpert: Sex Surrogacy – Prostitution or Therapy?
Yvonne K. Fulbright (2009) Fox News

“I was a middle-aged virgin.
Michael Castleman (2003).

On Seeing a Sex Surrogate 
Mark O’Brien (1990). The Sun Magazine.

The Sexual Surrogate and its aid to sexual health
Barbara M. Roberts reprinted @

Sex Surrogates: A clarification of their functions

Raymond J Noonan (1984). Master’s Thesis,

The tapestry of Surrogate Partner Therapy.  

Vena Blanchard (2000). Calif. Assoc. of Marriage and Family Therapists,

San Diego 

Sex Surrogacy - Prostitution or Therapy? Fox News (2009)

The Sexual Surrogate Barbara Roberts

The controversial state of ‘hands-on’ sex therapy 

Dr. Petra Boynton (2007)

A Beginner’s Guide to Surrogate Partner Therapy

Gabrielle Kassel  (2020)

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