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Phase II: Internship

Trainees who successfully complete Phase I of training may be recommended for Internship, which is the second phase of training. While working with real clients, Interns must be supervised by experienced therapists (generally each client's primary therapist) and by an experienced IPSA-Certified Surrogate Partner Mentor. Through frequent and extensive conversations with mentors and supervising therapists, Interns receive significant assistance and education during this phase of training. Interns are encouraged to apply for IPSA Intern membership in order to connect with a larger community of surrogate partners and therapists. IPSA assists each Intern in locating and evaluating appropriate initial cases, in networking with their new professional community.

During the Internship, IPSA training staff receive periodic evaluations of each Intern’s progress from the supervising therapists, mentors, and also from the Intern. Internships continue until the Intern, supervising therapists, mentors, and IPSA training staff are satisfied that the Intern is ready to continue as a Professional Surrogate Partner without the extra supervision and guidance accorded Interns; or until the Intern is failed from the training program.

Recommendation for IPSA Certification

Upon successful completion of Phase II of IPSA training interns may apply for IPSA Certification.

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