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Trainee Qualifications and FAQs

Qualifications for Training as a Professional Surrogate Partner

No specific academic degrees or courses are required as a prerequisite to IPSA’s Professional Surrogate Partner Training Program. There are, however, certain personal qualities and life experiences that seem to provide valuable background for surrogate work and sex therapy. These are assessed by the training committee. Emotional maturity developed from a combination of life experiences and academic exposure is essential.

IPSA Professional Surrogate Partner Training Program is open to people who are comfortable with their own sexuality and nudity, who have evolved through personal therapy and other growth-oriented experiences, and who feel ready to be involved in a close, caring relationship with people who are having difficulties with emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy. This is not a profession for people who are confused about themselves or who are simply looking to have a good time.

FAQs Regarding IPSA Professional Training

The application process and required forms can be found on the applications page of this website. It is important that you read the description of the training application process prior to starting the online application. Each component of the application process initiates a different, important aspect of training. Remember you can save your application and return at any time in the future to upload documents and complete the application.

Most people are surprised by how long it takes to complete the written portions of the application. The personal and sexual evolution part of your application is particularly important. It is often 5 to 15 pages in length and may take you weeks or months to complete as you review where you started life and how you got here. The training staff is aware that this portion of the application requires you to reveal very personal information. Please be assured that the staff is non-judgmental and your application will be kept confidential.

Because trainees participate in intimate, partnered exercises throughout the training, scheduling classes requires consideration of trainees' genders and sexual orientations, in order to assure all participants a partner with whom they can work. Be sure to indicate on your application the gender(s) of your personal partners, when you are available to come to Southern California for training, and the degree to which your availability is flexible. If you hope to work as a surrogate partner please also indicate the gender(s) of the clients with whom you intend to work.

There is no pre-set schedule of IPSA classes.  IPSA holds 2-3 classes each year at times that work for Accepted Applicants. Training staff will discuss your availability during the interview process and will then coordinate the needs of all trainees to produce a final schedule of classes.

If you prefer to print and mail the training application form and all the required documents, instead of using our online portal, we have provided a print button at the bottom of the online form.


Mail printed applications to:        

IPSA Training Coordinator

3679 Motor Ave, Suite 205

Los Angeles, CA 90034

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