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IPSA Membership

IPSA Membership Categories

Certified (Full) Members:

Working professional surrogate partners whose training and ethics have been evaluated by IPSA. IPSA Certified Surrogate Partners agree to honor the IPSA Code of Ethics, to engage in relevant continuing education, and to be routinely evaluated for competence and professionalism by their peers.

Therapist Member:
Therapists with expertise in surrogate partner therapy. Candidates for therapist membership are sponsored by certified members of IPSA.

Intern Member:
Individuals who have successfully completed the first phase of surrogate partner training and have been approved for Internship, which is the second phase of training and evaluation of surrogate partners. Intern members agree to comply with the IPSA Code of Ethics, to accurately identify themselves as Interns, and to participate in multiple levels of supervision until they have successfully completed the Internship and are approved for Certification.

Emeritus Member:
This honorary membership category is for former IPSA members who are determined to have made exemplary contributions to IPSA and to the field of surrogate partner therapy.

IPSA Membership Application Process

Please direct membership and certification questions and applications to the

IPSA Membership Committee.

Requirements for each category of membership and application forms are available on our

Applications page

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