Intensive Surrogate Partner Therapy

In Surrogate Partner Therapy, a therapist, a surrogate partner, and a client work together, as a three-person therapeutic team, to understand and resolve the client’s long-standing difficulties with physical and emotional intimacy. When a surrogate and therapist are both available in or near the client’s community, the client is able to participate in local therapy—typically meeting with the therapist and the surrogate partner each once a week. When local therapy is not an option, clients may still be able to participate in surrogate partner therapy by working intensively with a therapist and surrogate.

Intensive surrogate partner therapy is a condensed program of Surrogate Partner Therapy. During a typical Intensive, the therapist, the surrogate partner, and the client meet every day. The therapist-client sessions are interwoven with surrogate-client sessions in order to optimize rapid growth and change for the client. During a typical Intensive, the client meets with the surrogate partner for 2-3 hours each day and meets with the therapist for an hour each day. Care is taken to assure that the client is ready for each new step as the client and surrogate build their relationship and gradually progress through a series of therapeutic exercises and experiences. The process develops clients’ ability to relax, know their own feelings, talk with a partner, pay attention to pleasurable sensations, and appreciate their own body and sexuality.

Intensive surrogate partner therapy is for adults who:

  1. are ready to work on the difficulties they have with interpersonal and sexual intimacy,

  2. do not have a partner with whom they can address these issues in therapy, and

  3. do not have access to Surrogate Partner Therapy in their own locale.

Two weeks is considered the optimum length for Intensive therapy, as it is the most likely to be successful. If time limitations or financial considerations prohibit participation in the recommended two-week program, a shortened program may be acceptable for some clients. Participants in one-week Intensives sometimes find a second one-week Intensive is necessary to meet their goals. Modified intensives are also sometimes available for clients with circumstances that are better suited to unique timetables.

Intensives are scheduled by individual advance arrangement only. These arrangements generally take a minimum of two weeks. California Intensives are the most common and easiest to arrange. Intensives in other states and other countries are possible but generally take longer to arrange. Each client's circumstances are unique. Below are examples of the fees for the most common Intensives. Contact the Referrals Coordinator to begin discussions about Intensive therapy.

Intensives in Surrogate’s Location

Two-week Intensive: $8,100.00 *
38 hours with an IPSA Surrogate Partner
14 hours with a qualified therapist

Ten-day Intensive: $6,300.00 *
30 hours with an IPSA Surrogate Partner
10 hours with a qualified therapist

One-week Intensive: $4,050.00 *
18 hours with an IPSA Surrogate Partner
7 hours with a qualified therapist

*Includes therapist and surrogate partner fees. 

Additional Expenses:

  • A non-refundable deposit is submitted along with the application for an intensive referral.

  • Housing: Clients pay for their own room and board. Information regarding convenient locations and lodging options is available throughout the application process.

  • Transportation: Clients are responsible for their own air and ground transportation.

Intensives in Client’s Location

Two-weeks: $ 7,250.00 **
38 hours with an IPSA Surrogate Partner

Ten-days: $ 5,850.00 **
30 hours with an IPSA Surrogate Partner

One-week: $ 3,725.00 **
18 hours with an IPSA Surrogate Partner

**Prices for Intensive therapy in the client's location cover Surrogate Partner fees only. Clients are also responsible for the initial non-refundable deposit, surrogate partner's travel & lodging expenses, and their therapist's fees. Unless otherwise arranged, the client's local therapist will bill clients separately.

Additional Information

  • A portion of the therapist’s fees may be covered by client medical insurance. Insurance policies vary greatly. Read yours carefully.   

  • Some IPSA members have indicated a willingness to consider reducing their fees for clients with special needs.

  • All fees are subject to change without notice, except for registered participants.


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