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Statement of IPSA Purpose and Mission 

IPSA supports a worldwide community of professionals in the field of surrogate partner therapy, which includes surrogate partners, therapists, and individuals in need of and supportive of surrogate partner therapy. The purposes of the organization are:


  1. To make available to therapists surrogate partners who uphold professional ethics and meet professional qualifications;

  2. To increase knowledge and acceptance of surrogate partner therapy in the therapeutic community and in the general public;

  3. To elevate the professional standards and ethics of all surrogate partners;

  4. To promote professional standards for surrogate partner training;

  5. To provide training for prospective and practicing surrogate partners and therapists;

  6. To conduct and participate in research related to surrogate partner therapy and sex therapy;

  7. To promote educational services for the professional development of IPSA members;

  8. To facilitate client access to surrogate partner therapy information and referrals; and

  9. To foster a feeling of fellowship and cooperation within the organization.

As members of IPSA, we are committed to promoting healthy attitudes toward sexuality and intimacy in our clients and in the community. To further our work and our own emotional well-being, we join together to provide support and assistance to each other in these endeavors.

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